For over 40 years, we have made it our mission to serve only quality food, so here's a little information about our fare:

Burgers, Chicken, and Phillys

First, let us state that our meat is delivered fresh. 

Our burgers are a blend of 80-20 special recipe angus chuck, made fresh for us. 

The Philly steak is thin-sliced ribeye and the chicken Philly is made from thinly-sliced chicken breast. 

We slice our Philly steak meat in-house. 

Our chicken sandwiches are made with fresh (not frozen) boneless, skinless chicken breasts, grilled to perfection.

Our "Just-Cut Fries"

Technically, they are Pommes Frites.  

Pommes what?!? 

Pommes Frites are the true Belgian-style French Fries. 

Fresh-cut potatoes (we get them daily) are first cooked at a lower temperature to blanche them, 

then undergo final cooking for a few minutes at a very high temperature. 

The result of this two-step cooking process is the crispy, delicious Pommes Frites or French Fries.

 Well, heck! We just thought you should know we've been cooking our fries this way for over 30 years, so for us, this is nothing new.

Our Condiments and Sauces

We make our guacamole and salsa daily from fresh ingredients. 

We also mix our Ranch & Blue Cheese dressings daily and cook up our own BBQ sauce from scratch. 

We make these fabulous dining sauces and serve them up fresh as well: Chipotle Ketchup, Curry Ketchup, and Honey Mustard. 

These sauces aren't just for dipping our "Just-Cut Fries;" they taste great on burgers, chicken sandwiches, and Phillys. 

Honey Mustard makes for an excellent salad dressing as well!